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AccessTUNER Custom Tuning Software for Nissan & …

(1 days ago) AccessTUNER Pro is tuning software for professional tuning facilities. AccessTUNER Pro allows for unlimited tuning of any AccessPORT-equipped Nissan 370Z, Nissan 350Z, Infiniti G37 and Infiniti G35. The professional tuner can choose to lock the map in order to prevent unauthorized reproduction of the map or inappropriate use on other vehicles.


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New remap/flashing option - FREE AND - 350Z & 370Z …

(2 days ago) Posted July 26, 2018. Hey everyone, RevUp software being one of most popular mods to do on a Z, few people decided to reverse engineer Nissan ECUs for the benefit of community. I don't know if anyone heard about it yet, but there is a tool called Nisprog, which enables you to dump and flash your own maps for free.


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Remapping software file for Nissan 350Z series Puretuning

(1 days ago) These Chiptuning files have recently been downloaded. Only options (Car) DPF, EGR etc. Opel - Opel Zafira 1.9 CDTI 120hp. Delivered on 13-11-2021. Car Tuning (stage 1) BMW - 316D 116hp. Delivered on 13-11-2021. Car Tuning (stage 1) Renault - Renault Megane RS 2.0T 275hp.


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nissan 350z tuning potential - Kobo Guide

(1 days ago) So, if you have been searching for tuned nissan 350z for sale or other keywords online, then this article is dedicated to you. It contains 350z tuning software. Read on to enjoy all these and more. The 350Z was Nissans premier sports car after the 300ZX was discontinued in 1996 in …


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Top-quality Nissan 350Z ECU Tuning files - ZipTuning.com

(2 days ago) Nissan 350Z chiptuning developed by some of the best engineers in the business, as well as original ECU files for Nissan 350Z . All our Nissan 350Z tuning files provide unmatched performance gains and safety and reliability not found elsewhere. Thousands of tuned Nissan 350Z vehicles are the best token of our quality and expertise.


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UpRev - Performance Tuning Software

(2 days ago) Unlock power, efficiency and speed, with an unrivaled level of customization and advanced tuning capabilities. Our innovative software and hardware interface is easy to use, and loaded with all of the impressive features you need to get the most out of your custom setup. Whether you're looking for increased power, speed, or improved efficiency


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ECU Tuning ECU Software Download

(3 days ago) Get this totally free software program for tuning the car chips and extract the beast from your car motor! Microchip tuning represents adjusting or updating an erasable programmable read only ram micro-chip in an automobile’s or different vehicle’s electric control unit (ECU) to reach outstanding efficiency, regardless of whether it be more force, better emission , or perhaps much better


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Home [www.nistune.com]

(4 days ago) Nistune is a real-time tuning suite designed especially for Nissans which provides the ability to: • Retune factory Nissan Engine Control Units (ECU) • Monitor gauges and map tracing on your ECU. • Data log from your ECU using consult, wideband and auxiliary inputs. • Perform playback using graphs, gauges and map tracing. Features


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What are you using for Tuning Software - Nissan Forum

(9 days ago) I won't have any type of tuning software that I would be able to tune. I am running a stock ECU chipped from Specialty Z. 350z / 370z Discussion 350z / 370z Technical 350z / 370z Classifieds 300ZX (Z32) General 300ZX (Z32) Technical 300ZX (Z32) Classifieds 300ZX (Z31) Forum Altima Forum Altima General Discussions


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Best Car Tuning Software Reviews 2021 - OBD Station

(5 days ago) 8. Wolf V550 PC Software Serial Version. A proudly Australian brand, Wolf EMS was founded in the early ’90s by three friends with a shared passion for cars and technology. The launch of the Wolf 3DV1.1 meant that amateur enthusiasts could fuel inject their car and learn to perform engine tuning correctly.


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How to Tune your Nissan/Infiniti ECU using Rom Raider and

(Just Now) The average tune costs roughly $600+ these days. Since you’re modifying the ROM yourself, there’s no vendor lock-in and you are free to do what you need and want. Great for those who have knowledge of tuning and want to tune their own vehicles! Applicable Vehicles: 2000-2001 5thgen Nissan Maxima; 2003-2003 5.5gen Nissan Maxima


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Open Source Tuning : 350z - reddit

(5 days ago) I have a 03 350z and a ecu version cd002 and couldn't find any table by myself. Just fyi. A uprev license tuner is $750, add the additional features and you are another $200 for Motorsports and nats disabling. You can buy a ECU for $1200 to $1500 that is totally open without any restrictions. Link or haltech.


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Tuning the Nissan 350z for more bhp power

(9 days ago) Nissan 350Z Tuning modifications. The VQ35DE engine was fitted in the 350 and it is a fantastic engine for tuning projects. Later models (2007-2009) had a VQ35HR engine block.. The 2007 VQ35HR had a higher redline and produced more peak power and had a better Torque band.


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Remapping software files for Nissan Puretuning

(Just Now) The largest range of remapping files for the lowest price! Nissan 350Z. Nissan 350Z 3.5 294hp. Nissan 350Z 3.5 301hp. Nissan 350Z 3.5 V6 280hp. Nissan 350Z 3.5 …


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UpRev Osiris Tuner Engine Management Tuning Software

(9 days ago) UpRev Osiris Tuner Engine Management Tuning Software - Nissan 350Z 370Z / Infiniti G35 G37 Q40 Q50 Q60. Manufacturer: Uprev Product # {{ productPartNumber }} Order soon, limited quantities available $ 775 00. Manufacturer: Uprev Product # {{ productPartNumber }}


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350Z HORSEPOWER ECU - Performance Chip Tuning

(Just Now) The ECU chip increases the gas mileage in your vehicle enabling you to cover long distance without stopping at one point to check on the gas tank; you will definitely spend less on the fuel and gas hence saving your money. Upgrade your Nissan car today with these 350Z ECU chips and get moving in a …


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Tuning Software - AutomobileSoft

(2 days ago) Tuning ECU Soft. Posted by Autonomus. Tuning Software. Tune your car's electric control unit (ECU) with this program which will modify and adjust the engine, intake and other parameters, in this way you will add some horsepower to the automobile. You will unlock the hidden options blocked in car factory.


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UpRev - Standard - Performance Tuning Software

(8 days ago) UpRev Standard includes: 1 Interface Cable, 1 UpRev Re-Flash license, 1 Base Tune, and 3 eTune adjustments. UpRev Tuning Suite is a Windows-based software; you will need a Windows-based laptop or a tablet that runs a full version of Windows for flashing the Base Tune and for data logging. The eTunes will expire after one year from date of purchase and are not transferable. It can take up to


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Question about tuning and $$$ : 350z

(2 days ago) Edit: UpRev tune was less than $400 w multiple Roms and cruise control add with some easy work. 2. level 2. rawrtherapy. Op · 3y. 04' E85 FBO 350Z, 16' Gtr. That's the think uprev tune is 400 and tuner charge like 500 bucks to tune your car which I think is absolutely bonkers. -1. Continue this thread.


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Guide to Tuning the 350Z 350zmotorsports's Blog

(4 days ago) Guide to Tuning the 350Z If you plan to do any tuning yourself, keep in mind that you need to buy a wideband oxygen sensor and tuning software/gauges to be able to datalog the air/fuel ratio along with ECU readings. A reflash may run $550, whereas a fully programmable setup will cost around $1000 if you buy used.


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UpRev Osiris Tuner Engine Management Software Nissan Infiniti

(8 days ago) Osiris Tuner. Osiris Tuner includes: 1 Interface Cable, 1 Osiris Re-Flash license, ROM Editor, Stock ROM, and Back to Stock ROM. Osiris is a Windows-based software; you will need a Windows-based laptop or a tablet that runs a full version of Windows for flashing the Base Tune and for data logging.


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VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune Nissan 350Z 3.5 V6 280hp 2003-2005

(2 days ago) VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune Nissan 350Z 3.5 V6 280hp 2003-2005. $500.00. VR Tuned. Model #VRT-NIS-350Z-280. Free Shipping. In Stock. Help me decide. The flashing software gives you the convenience to easily flash your car and update files if necessary. After careful testing, our VR Tuned flash adds power gains across the power band in both


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VQ35DE engine tuning guide - TorqueCars

(1 days ago) The VQ35DE was tuned by Nismo and made 296hp at a higher 7200rp, rev range. This NISMO tuned engine had the S1 badge and was installed in the Fairlady Z S Tune GT. The 2007 revision, as fitted to the 350Z version had a different ECU, internals were adjusted slightly and benefited from CVVTCS on the exhaust cam in addition to the intake.


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Nissan 350Z Performance Parts & Tuning - STM Tuned Inc.

(9 days ago) ACL Thrust Washers for 350Z 370Z GTR (1T2505-STD) $49.01 ACT Clutch Alignment Tool for 350Z/370Z (AT01) $4.00 ACT Clutch Disc for 350Z/370Z NZ1/NZ2 from $139.00 ACT Clutch Release Bearing TOB for 350Z (RB130) $51.00 ACT NZ1 Clutch Kit for 350Z from $569.00 ACT Pilot Bushing for 350Z/370Z (PB1012) $7.00 ACT Pressure Plate for 350Z from $368.00


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Nissan 350Z Power Programmers & Performance Tuners for

(9 days ago) A 350Z tuner tunes into your car's inner happening within minutes to optimize your power usage in ways that might seem miraculous. From harmonizing RPMs and throttle response to harnessing horsepower long laid dormant, a Nissan 350Z tuner puts the control in your hands, easily accessed and read on a good sized LCD screen—no computer knowledge


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3DTuning.com - realistic 3D car tuning & styling

(Just Now) 3DTuning - more than 600 cars online, car tuning and styling realtime, photorealistic 3D. AMC Gremlin X 3 Door Hatchback 1970. AMC Javelin-AMX Coupe 1971. AMC Pacer X 3 Door Hatchback 1975. Acura Integra Type-R Coupe 2001. Acura NSX Coupe 1997. Acura NSX Coupe 2005.


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(8 days ago) Nissan UpRev Dyno Tune. The Osiris Tuner system includes Cipher, Map Switching, the flash utility and the new, powerful 2.0 ROM Editor. Osiris Tuner supports NA applications and high horse power forced induction vehicles such as the Nissan GT-R, 350z, 370z, Altima, Sentra, Frontier, Armada, Titan, Infinity G35 and Infiniti G37.


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UPLOAD a Tune With UPREV & CHANGE Maps Infiniti G35

(3 days ago) Quick video showing how to upload a tune using uprev for your g35, 350z, fx35, or basically any infiniti/nissan. Also show how to change maps if you have mul


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Utec for the Nissan 350z. - NASIOC

(4 days ago) In the case of the current release 350z software you do not have the choice of completely removing the MAF just yet because we are not simulating a signal to the stock ECU. We are just completely ignoring the MAF signal and using our own speed-density fuel map where the …


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software - Haltech

(7 days ago) The latest Firmware is available now – FREE! How to update your Haltech Firmware. In order to update your ECU you’ll need the latest version of the Haltech ESP software which can be downloaded off our website or through the “ESP Online” portal if you’ve already got a previous version of ESP on your laptop.


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Download nissan diagnostic software for free (Windows)

(9 days ago) Download nissan diagnostic software for free. Education software downloads - Nissan DataScan II by NissanDataScan, L.L.C and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Windows Mac. NIStune is a real-time tuning suite designed especially for Nissans.


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Tuning files Nissan 350Z (All) - Dyno-ChiptuningFiles.com

(5 days ago) All Nissan tuning files are custom made and thoroughly tested on a 4x4 state of the art Dynometer. The development of each Nissan 350Z tuning file is the result of perfection and dedication by Dyno-ChiptuningFiles.com programmers. The organization only uses the latest technologies and has many years experience in ECU remapping software.


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Cipher Download - Nissan 370Z Forum

(6 days ago) According to UpRev's site, Cipher now costs $200 (for the software, not the cable). Unfortunately, the hard drive died in my old laptop so I need to download the setup .exe again. I already bought a cable and I just can't imagine they want me to pay another $200 to get some street logs.


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Nissan 350Z Performance Chips Power Programmers — CARiD.com

(2 days ago) Get these top-notch products to fine tune your engine for a huge jump in horsepower and torque. Nissan 350Z performance chips and programmers contain performance 'tunes' developed and thoroughly tested with the dynamometer to provide you with exceptional function and quality you deserve.


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EasyObdII Software OBD-II Free OBD2 Software for

(Just Now) EasyObdII.com produces free OBD-II ( OBD2 ) software for ScanTool.net serial and USB interfaces. EasyObdII software is very easy to use making it ideal for …


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RomRaider • View topic - Nissan stock ROM list

(9 days ago) Nissan stock ROM list. Here are a few Nissan / Infiniti ROM dumps I have collected. Feel free to submit new ROMs, corrections or additional info ! ECUID : 5-character code , typically the last part of the part number which is almost always "23710-XXXXX". Pro tip : the QR code on the ECU contains the part #, including ECUID - see here.


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2004 Nissan 350Z Performance Chips Power Programmers

(7 days ago) Nissan 350Z 2004, Max Energy Sport™ Programmer by Hypertech®. Premium Octane: +9HP +9TQ. This programmer is geared for enhancing everything related to gasoline engine performance. It’s packed with tuning applications geared


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Software Downloads - Haltech

(3 days ago) Software Downloads - Haltech. Products. NEW PRODUCTS. ECU + Universal Wiring Kits. ECU + Plug’n’Play Kits. ECU + Terminated Engine Harness Kits. Wiring Harnesses. Wiring and Connectivity Accessories. Dashes, Gauges and Data Logging.


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350Z Product categories Unichip Wholesale

(Just Now) Free Software (NEW) Q Version. Unichip Demo Software (FREE) Unichip Reflash Software ($45) Tuner Software Downloads; Reflash Software Download; Videos. Tuner Training Videos None FJ Cruiser Land Cruiser BRZ 4Runner 350Z Tundra 86/GT86 86/GT87 86/GT88 996TT Camry Tacoma Cherokee Cooper Cooper S Corolla E250 Excursion Expedition Fortuner


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AAM Competition 370Z & G37 EcuTek Tuning Package - ECU

(8 days ago) AAM Competition Nissan 370Z Tuning - EcuTek Engine Management Software ECM tuning is necessary to bring out the most out of your basic bolt ons, or required when going forced induction. Depending on the application, the tune itself can net as much power as …


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LINK G4X N350+ PlugIn Standalone ECU for 350Z G35 - Dynosty

(Just Now) Simplify tuning your 350Z or G35 by plugging in the LINK G4X (Upgrade from the older LINK G4+) N350+ 350ZLINK standalone ECU. This computer plugs into the Nissan harness and removes the stock computer. Once installed, you are free from the constraints of the OEM ECU and ready to do some tuning! The G4X 350ZLink N350+ allows full control and


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UpRev Engine Management Mail In Flash Service - Z1

(1 days ago) Custom tuning required. Nitrous tunes may be subject to additional fees. Optional 3'' intake option below ONLY applies to 2007+ models with VQ35HR or VQ37VHR powertrains. Available for stock or 600cc/GTR Fuel Injectors. In house tuning is also available, please …


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350z ecm - ebg.myhealthcoach.pl

(1 days ago) Find out how our chip tuning software can transform your Nissan 350z (Z33) 2003-2010. Dec 10, 2009 · Here is a quick way to reset your ECU. 350Z Roadster goes on sale in the UK. Make note of what angle it says when you're completely off the gas (it wont be 0%) 3.


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350Z APS Turbo Unichip, LONG ZCar Forum

(4 days ago) That is because the default programming of the unichip is for a stock 350Z. Fine tuning is a good idea even on a stock 350Z since no 2 cars run exactly the same and real time dyno tuning is more precise. Only APS dealers are authorized by APS to fine tune your APS turbo system unichip.


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Q Hardwire Kit – Nissan Unichip Wholesale

(2 days ago) Q Hardwire Kit Nissan. $ 399.00. Applications. Nissan all models supported. Easy hadwire installation. Comes pre programmed with maps. Easy to follow instructions. Easily upgrade-able for future add-on’s. End user tuning option available.


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